Enjoy your most special moments...

We blend our coffee beans, carefully selected from the best coffee regions of the world, to offer you a unique taste in every sip. While offering you high quality and delicious coffee, we pay attention to the environment and farmer rights protection too.

We collect the best quality coffee beans for you and offer our carefully selected coffees in 4 different packages: Efendim Turkish Coffee, Arabica Selection, Special Blend, and Espresso Diamond.


Enjoy a coffee with a lighter body and higher acidity, where you will feel the aroma of fruit and coffee in every note, with Espresso Diamond.

Coffee can change the day with its strong aroma. Lavandi knows that coffee production has sensitive criteria and takes care of the farmers and the environment at all stages of coffee production. Lavandi Coffee Espresso Diamond promises a good flavour with each cup of coffee.

Feel the aroma of Special Blend coffee, a delicious taste with a heavy body, and a low acidity flavour. Start your day with Special Blend, so you can get the taste of Italian coffee.

Coffee is the best inspiration. While Lavandi aims to bring quality coffee to its enthusiasts it also takes care of the farmers' rights, the environment at every stage from the soil to the roasted of this small seed which makes the whole world addicted to itself.

It always offers you a balanced coffee experience with its aromatic notes and long lasting taste. With its balanced acid and body ratio and exquisite coffee notes, Arabica Selection stays on your palate.

Good things begin with coffee. First dates, best conversations, good jobs and happy days. Lavandi collects the best coffee seeds from the best regions and roasts them carefully for good beginnings furthermore Lavandi Coffee knows that farmers' rights are as important as the taste of coffee, we decided to introduce our coffee with this sensitivity.

This coffee took its name from the Turks and influences the whole wide world with its unique flavour. When it proceeded to Europe for the first time in the 16th century, Europeans concluded that the Turks were the most talented producers of coffee. Lavandi Coffee Efendim knows good coffee requires care and while delivering quality coffee beans to you, takes good care of the farmers' rights who have great efforts in the farming of coffee and offers coffee grown in the right conditions.
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Unique flavors from well-known lands…

We have blended our coffee beans produced in the most exclusive lands for a unique experience. Lavandi Coffee offers a completely different blend in every package and a different flavor in every cup.

We prepare and offer delicious blends with coffee beans from Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, Uganda, and many more fertile soils. Lavandi Coffee promises energy and coffee pleasure. Brew your coffee, sit back and enjoy!